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To those who are losing hope. there is still a chance to fix our problem. 


First of all, please be guided that this pic is not mine. its from Instagram. he shared this photo to spread his successful treatment with his acne scars. 

notice the difference? 


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Posted (edited)

Huge discrepancy in lighting (way softer) and it's also edited (cmon) but still imagine and believe that he did get 20%+. 80%+ like the 2nd photo? No way. 

Only way to prove would be video under harsh lighting like the first one. Not saying he can't reach 80% but to deceive to the public with a false photo in order to draw customer is low.

Edited by connectland

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Yes I’ve seen him on Instagram too, he says he just had 2 sessions of Regenlite. I’m inclined to think he has had improvement but that the majority may be swelling and lighting. 

After pulsed dye laser I tend to have almost perfect skin for a couple of days, (see photo) but when it goes down completely you can see my scars. So the time of when a photo is taken is pretty important in judging results.4B21F3D8-FB23-4146-A1C0-FD59273A0612.jpeg.7ee7e47015db645954fe65669fae50b4.jpeg


If you are looking for good scar journeys on instagram to follow there is a guy that is being treated by Emil - TCA Cross, subcision, laser etc and he has an excellent scar journey blog. I will DM you the link. 


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I agree with @ connectland in this case. These types of posts cause so much grief for acne scar suffers.  Instagram is marketing not proof. Post's on this forum are "proof."

The above examples are incredibly dishonest what is done in the Acne Scar / Aesthetics world. They are selling you deception.  Any of you can take a amateur photography class and see these are basic tricks that are being played here. Notice the flash, where the light hits, look at the shadows they don't match on both pictures,  the changes in angles, focus, even possibly photoshop touch ups. A bit one they do is they take the picture right after they inject someone and they have severe swelling hiding everything. Do you know the patients you posted background, all of the treatments they had (devices, amounts) and over what period of time, when the pictures were taken, their health history, and how they heal. If not you cannot compare to them as we are all individually different.  Someone may have no improvement and poor healing, while another person heals quickly. One person has health issues and another does not. You see how acne scars are more than pictures or skin deep. They are internal scars where often people need therapy to deal with the scarring inside they cause. 

@acne_scar_queen as you know this is simply inflammation from treatment hiding what you describe. If you like this get injected in that area for lots of volume (filler). One of the most dishonest Dr's who does this and takes pictures after is in Southern California, (She has blond hair, and is by the coast, I won't say any more as I don't recommend her;-), she asked Dr Lim on his social media how to take pictures to hide scars for her B&A!

Dr Lim does get it right when he takes videos of his after patients (not all the time but he tries) to see their changes so you can see the difference. 

Comparing is not healthy, ... encouraging others and knowing other's get sucess is though. 

It is Body Dysmorphia to only expect perfection or the results someone else received. This is something to work with a counselor on. It would be like a girl comparing to any move starlet, when does obsession become unhealthy. Do you really want to be perfect or just a better you through the long process of treatment and healing.

“Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” - Reinhold Niebuhr 


Your not like anyone else on these forums. I cannot over-analyze every choice, health concern, and action done in your life. It all depends on how you heal. I Get your frustration.

No scar case is the same, we are not clones, one person could do a million procedures and not be you, your all different ages, ethnic backgrounds, healing capabilities, plans for treatment, outcomes, different surgeons (they treat differently as well), etc, we could go on and on. The point being is never compare yourself to someone else. Sure you can learn from their experience but do we really know every single detail about what was done and why - no.  If someone heals poorly or had a poor Dr they typically hang around here.

It can help a lot if you see a therapist because scars are not only external they also effect us internally. Talkspace offers a app for your smartphone to get unlimited therapy or you can see someone locally. Therapy is half of the battle that many struggle with.

Goto a board certified Dr for help, ... if you want get 3 opinions and choose the one you like best. Your cases have nothing to do with each other or anyone else here, everyone is a individual with a different story.

It takes time and heal (this is a marathon and not a race, many do treatments every 3 months over 3 years time),... it's slow with lots of treatments. 

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