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Ablative erbium or Fractional Co2

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Just curious if anyone with ethnic skin has had any success with either fractional Co2 or ablative erbium for their scarring.  How many treatments have you had and how far apart were your treatments. Thanks!  

Also, I just realized that this went under the hypotropic scarring topic and I don’t know how to move it. 

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@Solutions29 You can use co2 and erbium laser, ... find someone who is a specialist in your skin type, treatments are very customized to your individual scars. This is why when you travel to someone like Dr Lim, ... he isn't going to treat you with a preset. He will observe your scars, look at your skin, feel it, do some testing, and then he will observe settings and how your skin reacts. Most Dr's who are not the top acne scar specialists won't do co2 on ethnic skin as it can cause some issues in the typical presets they use.

Treatments should typically be 3 moths apart, ... laser actually takes about 6 months to heal from. Many are doing to many treatments close together, especially in this demographic that has sensitivities to side effects. 

Treatments are based upon how you individually  respond. Some ethnic patients cannot do laser at all, ... know thyself, perhaps do a treatment with someone who knows your skin type, and finally do a test run, some places let you do a test area.

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