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I have battled with less than perfect skin for years and never really knew what was wrong with it until I quite recently diagnosed myself with malassezia folliculitis and sought to treat it following some thorough advice on the internet. 

It has been responding to my current regime of a Nizoral shampoo face mask that's left on for 10 mins prior to washing off, Avene tolerant moisturiser then Lamisil and Ketoconazole cream on top. It has been two weeks and although marginally improved I feel like it should have made more progress considering it wasn't in the worst state beforehand. 

Does anybody recommend more thorough treatment to quicken the process or is this just generally a time consuming issue to tackle? I have attached photos of my skin when I first started compared to now two weeks on. I wore makeup to really highlight the skin texture otherwise it doesn't show up without it.





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It looks way better! I just read on rosacea.org site that fungus can be killed by making a mixture of blended oat groats ( only groats will work due to lack of processing) and water in a blender. The paste should be applied as a mask and removed after 10 minutes or so ( I can't remember exactly). But...if you also have demodex, they will die almost immediately because the natural substance in oat groats dissolve them and kill them. So when they die, you get acne. But the good news would be you take care of fungus and demodex simultaneously,  but be prepared for die off. 

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