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Transition from Doxy and Spironalactone to Accutane

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I started on Doxycycline several months ago (along with Clyndomyacin), and when I wasn't getting results my doctor suggested Accutane (Isotretinoin).  Since I had to wait a month for two negative pregnancy tests the doctor in the meantime added Spiranalactone to my treatment.  I've been notified that my insurance has approved my request for accutane, my next dermatology appointment is in 2 weeks.  The doctor told me to get off EVERYTHING two weeks prior and go back to just a gentle face wash and moisturizer which means yesterday morning was my last dose of everything.  I'm freaking out that I'm going to have a massive outbreak in these two weeks that I am doing nothing.  Also, I was hoping that since I've been on other medications and already have had an initial breakout, that I won't have another bad initial breakout with Accutane.  I am starting off on a low dose, probably to help minimize some of the side effects??

Has anyone gone from one treatment to another like this?  If so what was your experience?

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I have, but stayed on the spironolactone and erythromycin alongside the accutane for a short time to minimise the impact of the transition. You probably won't get too bad an initial breakout starting on a low dose. The initial breakout also tends to depend on the severity of the acne in the first place, so if your acne has been reasonably controlled with your current meds then it shouldn't be as bad as if it was severe to start with. If you really do have problems then it is possible to prescribe erythromycin or a short course of sterioids alongside the accutane to control the initial breakout. Good luck! 

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