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B12 + ACNE

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Hi guys! I know that some of you had break outs after been taking b12 suppliements. I have been eating like a vegan for like 1 week now and i honeslty can say that it has cleared my skin. Its not good but its better then before. But now i need to take b12 because i dont get enough by the food im eating and im really confused because i dont want to go back to bad skin again.. I dont even know if i have vitamin b12 deficiency but what i do know is that vegans need to take it!

So i wonder if any of you guys can tell me your story if you've been in the same situation or if you just know about it. My suppliements contain 1mg per pills and im supposed to take one every day. Is it a high or a low dose? And do you think it will make me break out? 

Sorry for bad english.. All answers are welcome. Thanks! 

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Hey milan, vegan here as well. (3.5 years)

took a blood test not to long and found i was deficient in b12. so its important to take a b12 supplement.

i'm also very sensitive to b12. (get cystic acne)

it can be tricky supplementing because b12 supplements contain such a crazy high amount. (1 pill has 83,333% the recommended DV.)

i think it would be best to take something that contains a lower dosage of b12 and you should be fine.(theres a supp. on amazon from veglife called vegan iron 25 mg that contains 250% dv)

(also keep in mind that b12 is stored in your body for 3-5 years)

this is an area i need to do more research and experimenting in.

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