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Cheapest way to get v-beam treatment?

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I just saw a youtube video where a NURSE was administering the vbeam procedure.

It seems like a monkey can even move the laser around your face, so I'm not surprised.

But a nurse must be cheaper than a dermatologist. 

How cheaply can you get a whole cheek vbeam done?  I'm in southern california, and I'm not sure if nurses are allowed to do lasers.

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Nurses can be fine.

Cheapest way to get a v-beam treatment shop around, medspas, groupon, advertisements, calling, ... many places do a package as it takes many sessions. But you get what you pay for. Ask how many sessions they have done should be hundreds if not thousands,  ... If you go cheap enough , in some countries it will be some off machine and things could get worse. Ask their qualifications, how many treatments you need / evaluation, what will they do if the treatment does not work. Your playing the lotto when you cheap out, ... as you may get someone who makes things worse, does not use genuine equipment, or uses poor pre-set settings. Dr's with experience will charge more. Some area and countries are just more expensive than others, so possibly traveling is also a idea. 

If a monkey can do laser on your face you will get a messed up face, this is what the poorest practitioners do and then say nothing is wrong. Some things on youtube are not very acurate, they refinish on home renovation shows a kitchen in 5 minutes. 

Yes Nurses can do laser under a doctors direction in LA, there are so many places including Med Spa's there so price competition. 

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