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Severe smooth red acne scars :(

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I had pretty bad acne awhile ago but I managed to clear it all up. Now I am dealing with pretty bad acne scars. It's been around 3-4 months since I cleared my acne but the scars havent changed at all. They are all smooth but super red and I can't seem to get rid of them.. I tried many products including ones that have niacinamide, vitamin c, various toners and face masks as well as peels.. none seem to really help at all.. I was wondering what the best products are to treat these.. thanks in advance..



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I've heard retinoids really help fading hyperpigmentation scars. I would try and get some from your dermatologist, and discuss the course of treatment best for you. If OTC medications aren't working it could be good to try prescription medications. Hyperpigmentation can also take many months to go away, sadly, depending on skin type/severity. Luckily these types of scars do eventually fade! Good luck!

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I would get a series of IPLS' for the hyper pigmentation. It works fast and there really isn't any downtime. The zapped areas will get more red after the procedure and then after a few hours they will be back to their normal red color and then after a week you should see that they are lighter in color. I would think 3-4 IPL's would totally take care of that. I always used to get hyper pigmentation when I broke out as well and it was so damn annoying because for me my red marks never go away unless I get them zapped. Good luck with everything!

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The red marks look like PIE (post inflammatory erythema) to me. Great news for you! PIE actually fades over time, PIE is what inflamed spots leave over after they dissapear. The only types of acne scars that won’t go are the types of scars that are cratered (like holes and dips in the skin). I suggest using sensitive skin products as you do not want to cause any further redness, always wear sunscreen even on cloudy days, as the suns rays actually can worsen the redness. 

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