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Proactiv/BP withdrawl

I am currently 3 months in from quitting proactiv cold turkey. I have been on it sine I was 17 and I'm currently 25. My skin is the worst its ever been.

I have cysts and white heads, although I will say that my actual skin in the areas breakout free is glowy and healthy. Which gives me the push to know eventually it will clear out. 

Anyone go through this, have any advice? Heard about the caveman, but I workout often and feel the need to wash my face. 

Anything helps, thanks! 

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I've been through the same. The worst breakout of my life was after I quit BP. Maybe you could try using salicylic acid or sulfur treatments instead. I got back onto BP but and added salicylic acid and tretinoin, but it was a long road back to getting my skin to an acceptable level. If you can avoid BP and tretinoin it would be good but I just can't go back to that kind of skin again. 

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I did....unfortunately I came to the realization that BP has to be a long term solution for me.  I found one gentle enough that it doens't irritate my skin anymore though, so it's okay...but that is my reality if I want to continue having clear skin.
If you're really opposed to using BP, I would use salicylic acid, like the poster above suggested.  I find BP to work better for me, personally though. It's all about finding what works for you. Good luck!

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