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I am convinced that orange peel skin/texture is due to high cortisol and insulin levels (creating INFLAMMATION in the body and skin). I have researched this symptom for years and have not found anything at all regarding solutions, so I decided to pay special attention to my pores and their changing size. They first became dilated and I developed orange peel texture seemingly overnight when I was on an anitdpressent dosage that was too high, and my body was in extreme stress. They stayed this ways for a couple of years until I completely eliminated stress from my life and also started using technology way less (during this period of low stress they became completely invisible the texture completely resolved!) Fast forward a couple years and I took on a very stressful job and my cortisol levels become really high once again. I was eating lots of sugar and carbs to cope with the stress. My pores became dilated again and the orange peel texture came back. Pores DO change in shape and they CAN shrink back on their own. I truly believe this condition is due to internal causes (not external) that create INFLAMMATION in the body. Focus on a clean diet (NO sugar or white flour), LOW stress, spending time outside and lots of water. Remove yourself from any toxic people and relationships in your life that cause you to be in a fight/flight mode. I look forward to hearing if these lifestye changes have helped anyone else!

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Hi Lena, I completely believe you and this is the knowledge that is driving my hope for healing and the changes I'm trying to make in my life. How are things going with the pores? I've suffered from stress and anxiety all of my life, and 8 months ago the orange peel texture appeared suddenly and badly across my forehead and cheeks (I think either a product or sun exposure helped trigger it by worsening the inflammation). I've also been diagnosed with rosacea (skin flushes and is sooooo dry), and have been having other issues with burning and itching skin on my arms and scalp. Did you ever deal with sensitivity of your skin? I know the inflammation in my body is just wreaking havoc on my skin. Anyway, I hope you are doing well! I appreciated coming across your post for further motivation and some perspective. I can't tell you how much money I've wasted on potential solutions, and am constantly going back and forth about potentially getting cosmetic procedures done so that I can look at myself and see me again. I want to stay on the path you suggest, though, with persistence. It's energizing to hear your story. Thank you!

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