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HELP!!! i have no clue what this scar is !!

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HELP !! i have had this "scar" on my face ever since august of 2018 it is now february 6th 2019 making it 6 months and it's driving me crazy. i have no idea what type of scar this even is so i have no clue how to care for it & get rid of it. by the pictures you may be confused, basically it's a raised scar & it looks like a mini crater i can't pop it because there's nothing to pop yet to the touch it feels like a bump ?? i've put pictures in different angles & lighting to show all aspects of it. i've tried scrubbing it off ( never a good idea, but i was desperate ) it either wouldn't work or i would scrub so hard that i made it worse & i would get ANOTHER scar on my face. this is so frustrating because i have been seeing a dermatologist & my skin has been improving so much, but this scar is not budging. i feel like knowing the type of scar & knowing if other people have experienced the same thing & how they handled it will give me hope & make me feel more content. at one point though i did manage to scrub the "scar" off & was left with a open wound kind of but it only lasted about a week & it was back to how it was before. i do believe the size of it has lessened over time but i really just want this thing to go away i'm all out of options i've tried everything & just want to have completely clear skin. side note : i know you'd probably say why not ask my dermatoligist & i will ! i have appointments every 6 months so i will when i see her i just want to possibly hear personal experiences & get other people's take on this. so, please !! if you know anything help me !! & educate me on what this thing is on my face & how i can get rid of it !! thank you so much.IMG_5711.JPG.4437344baec60fb8ef06d7a94ff5213a.JPGIMG_5712.thumb.JPG.99d93046a85783e523c16e960cf11b9c.JPGIMG_5710.thumb.PNG.6eec7d4a02c77208fa78016ddd4dfda0.PNGIMG_5709.thumb.PNG.7bfb2f9d39b42b39704649bd310fa6ef.PNGIMG_5708.thumb.PNG.0fceaf5998aeac104f0d3f84d3e5c0b5.PNGIMG_5707.thumb.PNG.83b405c0af5e48e1210488e9b8991890.PNGIMG_5706.thumb.PNG.d9ccf70d76fd95c23764f3d6405c33f0.PNGIMG_5639.thumb.JPG.68a269bcc53970bc122f096a419dd405.JPG

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Please goto a derm, this may be a sebaceous hyperplasia, mole, trapped sebum, cyst, or in your skin type a trapped hair is also common, so many things ( they might do a biopsy). I see the indent so possibly the first, a derm can tell by feeling it and looking though a scope. He may inject it with a steriod. Rubbing it in your skin type might have scarred it. The best you can do if you have fully scraped it off, hard to tell, is put some vaseline and eventually a silicone patch on it or silicone gel for scars for several weeks if it is raw skin).

Ways they treat this are excision, electrosurgery, shaving if off, laser, steriod. A normal derm who is not cosmetic (out of pocket), might treat you, worth a visit. I see other areas on your skin that are problematic like your breaking out, please see a derm and get this under control. See someone who is familiar with your skin type, ask how many people they treat of your skin type monthly. 

Your going to definitely hyper-pigment. Here is a general at home treatment for this. Picosure or vascular laser are used for this.

Use nightly: Retin-a or tretinorin(prescription), or Differin (Target/Walmart), The Ordinary Granactive Retinoid. Cureology(USA) provides online prescriptions with customized skin care creams for your concerns, Yoderm for online derm scripts for all conditions(USA), or those in UK Dermatica provides the same thing. Apply a moisturizer when your face is dripping wet. Wait 5 minutes for it to dry, and then apply the tretinoin. This cuts down on irritation, you can also skip days of application if it's irritating and you need to build up. This provides skin turnover - new collagen. If you have any sort of skin discoloration (reds or browns), try PCA gel for Hyperpigmentaion (Amazon) or Cureology/Dermatica includes this in their products if ordered. Using this prevents hyperpigmentation from treatments. Niacinamide by The Ordinary is great for pores and discoloration as well.  Sunscreen is a must (for the sensitive use zinc only ones)!

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