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Acne free for about 6 years - I hope this helps someone

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I've been acne free for about 6 years now. My acne started in about grade 6 and got bad enough to warrant accutane twice in high school. Accutane helped but it eventually came back after the second time - though not as bad, but bad enough that I'd have really deep acne that lasted for a long time. I tried a ton of home remedies but nothing ever really helped long term until I heard drinking lemon water was good for it. So I started drinking a ton of lemon water but my body didn't love all the lemon I was pumping into it. Though my acne was better. I started to notice that I didn't need to add much lemon as long as I kept my water intake high, which for me was 2-4 Liters/day. I can say, after 6 years, my skin looks great - that is - until I go a couple of days without drinking much water - my acne begins to return. It is literally predictable, and once I get back into high hydration - it completely fixes itself. Like I said, I have 6 years of experience with this so I know what my body is doing and how it's responding. I only came back to repost because I 100% understand how devastating acne can be. And I hope that this helps someone. There were people that commented that 4L of water per day can make you sick, but it is actually quite easy over the course of 2-3 hours to drink 3L - Just be aware that you'll have to pee every 30min - well worth it for me. If you're out there and want to give this a try - try drinking 3L over 3 hours for 7 days and you might see a big difference. 

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