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BDD+SUCCESS STORY with Indented Red Acne Scars

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Hello, I suffered with the scars sometime during high school and it has been almost a decade since. I promised to give back to this forum if I ever got better because I had spent so much time researching on here when I was suffering. I never thought I would get over it, but I did. I kept putting off this promise even though I've been good for years now, but now I'm combatting another life obstacle, so maybe it is a sign to pay my dues. I have tried a plethora of things from VI peels, microdermabrasion, laser genesis, needling, etc. I even travelled to Thailand to do e-matrix, which was a combination treatment of needling and laser. Even though I did TONS of online research before a procedure (7 hours a day for months), I still ran into errors, so I'd like to share with you guys who may not have been as privileged financially or otherwise.


I would say the most effective method was needling. I used a derma stamp that was 1.0-1.5 inches. However, I prefer single needling. I would needle the scar head on, then to at an angle to hit all the sides. It was actually fun to hear all the popping noises as the scar tissue breaks up. I did do dermapen and e-matrix professionally, but it was pretty much the same thing as doing it myself. I did this intermittently so I wasn't consistent with it. I did this throughout college too (around every 6 weeks). However, after a few months I saw a small result. But even that 5% improvement gave me hope, and I knew it wasn't micro swelling. Fast forward two years or so of intermittently work, you can't even tell that I have indents. Not even with the worst lighting or shadows!!! To combat the redness (redness can give an illusion of skin being sunken in), I found a technician who did good IPLs. Definitely helps if they can do it right. My redness used to flare up in the shower or when I got hot, but now I forget it's there because it is so minimal. I am SO HAPPY. I was 16 when I got the atrophic scars all over my cheeks. Now at 24, you can't see a thing. Not even with a 10x mirror. 

These scars used to consume my entire life. I was diagnosed with BDD at 18. I avoided going out, being in the sun, being under overhead light, etc. It completely destroyed my soul. I went through depression, suicidal thoughts, etc...Definitely the worst time in my life that lasted almost a decade.  I prayed to God every night to let me pass in my sleep, and woke up angry to be alive. Now, I am healed and so so grateful. So, I want to say..there is hope!!!! The skin is very resilient, especially when you're young. But even at an older age, the skin is constantly remodeling itself. I went from the saddest kid I know, to very happy and grateful. Don't listen to doubts, even 1% success means something. So, thank you acne.org for the research and its beautiful people. Sending hope, love, and blessings..


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