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Hyperpigmentation / Redness from RF Microneedling

I had RF microneedling about one year ago, and saw minimal results with it. Recently, like an idiot I spent a week out in the sun without wearing proper sunscreen. Now that I'm back home, I notice that my skin is hyperpigmented / red in the same pattern that the RF device was used. There are distinct lines between non-treated skin and treated skin that I can see visibly from a foot away from the mirror. I have type 4 brown skin. Why does this skin tan differently from the rest of the skin? I thought things should go back to normal after 6 months (let alone a year!)


Is this something I should be concerned about? And when will it resolve?


I regret using this energy device because I think it has more side effects than the studies / research shows. I suggest to all users to be very wary when doing irreversible treatments.

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@grandor Hi there, tough subject, ... I realize your post was mainly made in frustration. RF needling is like a laser, any energy device as you know has side effects. In your skin type there is extended down time and the possibility of hyperpigmentation, this is part of the process. Hence why we tell those with ethnic skin to do picosure and use a whitening cream like the pca gel one on Amazon to prevent these issues. Even if I told you ... don't do any energy devices, ... all treatments manual or not have the risk of hyperpigmentation and poor healing in the population which sensitivity is a concern. If one is truly sensitive it's better they do nothing the treat scars. I think sadly many Drs underplay the process, ... mental, physical, and those side effects. They make it seem so easy. It really is not. It's like if you goto a gym and lift weights. You can hurt yourself, and you can have down time, ... there can be complications and issues as you build muscle. It's just not as easy as a fitness video. Many go into it with the wrong expectations or without deep reflection of knowing themselves and what their goals are (as they are very hard to achieve). Just like the gym many get frustrated, and give up often during this period or lament about the process. 

Ok back to your questions on collagen growth and energy devices. No - whenever we peel, laser, or rf needle ()which is like laser) we have fresh new skin. If you don't wear sunscreen you will burn and cause hyperpigmentation. This is fractional as you know. So that is complexity normal if proper sun protection was not used. Channels of new skin don't become part of old skin, they blend in when not put under stressed to hyper pigment and or heal poorly. How would that even be possible unless you did peels which is surface stimulation of new layers of skin, ... channels stay channels. Hence why we peel at the end of treatment.  

This could be solved with picosure and or vascular laser if your discoloring. Some with ethnic skin give themselves Melasma by driving pigment deeper into the skin layers. Thus tretinorin and a lightening / whitening cream are necessary. 

Please see a qualified Dr to know if you need acid peels, vascular laser, creams for discoloration, or other therapies. Always use sunscreen.


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Thanks @beautifulambition - you're right, I am frustrated right now. I completely agree with you that this scarring treatment ordeal is like weightlifting / fitness - it won't happen overnight, and these doctors promise the world when improvement must be taken slowly and carfully.

Regarding my predicament - It looks like a sunburn where the RF device was used. Which is uncommon for me, because I don't normally burn even when I don't wear sunscreen (although I do wear it for prevention purposes usually).

To follow up - when can I expect the "new skin" to be blended in with the old skin? It's been almost a year now, and worried that this skin will always be different. Am I just overreacting? Also, is there any concern of long term skin disease where energy devices were used?

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@grandor Of course this skin is fresh, so a burn would happen easier. This is new fresh skin so of course you would burn. The sun actually damages skin and leads to aging. When we stimulated rf needling, sunburns are common if you don't protect the skin. Wear a higher SPF or reapply if your burning there.

I don't understand this blend new skin and old skin. If it's red or hyperpigmented then you need vacular laser or picosure. I think you are over reacting. 

Use tretinorin or differin or retin-a nightly, and some pca gel for hyperpigmenation, Amazon, with it nightly. No skin disease from new skin, ... or you would have the same thing if you cut yourself and healed. Goto a Dermatologist if you have any concerns of infection. 




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