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Any OTC creams, devices, etc for acne scarring?

Just joined this forum and I'll probably do some micro needling at home. I've never had any treatments done for acne scarring and I consider my scarring mild. Are they any creams, devices, or supplements I can try before I go spend money?

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No creams are going to improve pitted scarring, tretinoin can increase the rate at which skin cells are turned over and regulate sebum production, some people use this to improve their scars but the efficacy is questionable. Devices, microneedling can help for shallow scars but it will take a very long time to see results. Supplements, no, supplements won't improve your scars.


Post a picture of your scarring or PM @beautifulambition , he is an expert and will give you treatment plan based on your scars.


Good luck :) 

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@JohnMarston Is right, there are no magical potions or pills for scars. But you say your scars are very light. So yes of course you can derminator/dermastamp once a month - only the scars. Differin in the USA is over the counter or in regulated countries you can buy tretinorin over the counter ebay. This helps with cell turnover so I suppose this is a "cream." Acid peels like Glycloic peels can also be done or a med spa cheaply for light scarring.

Scarring is customized to your individual situation and based as John said on directional lighting your scars make for photo(s). What you think is "mild" scaring might need more treatment than the basics because of scar type.

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