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Forehead bumps will not go away - Affecting confidence for Work

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I have these forehead bumps that just refuse to go away.


I've tried Clean and Clear 3 in 1 with BP, CVS brand of the grapefruit face wash with SA, changed my whole diet based on my food reactivity, and yet these things just linger around. I'm positive it isn't even acne, more so a reaction maybe... IDK do you guys have any idea what it may look like? Would reallly really appreciate it. My confidence for work as I own my business and need to have several meetings with other professionals has been shot due to this. I know it shouldn't but it just bothers me considering im a 25 yr old young adult still being affected by skin issues like these. I eat a LOT of fruits and vegetables. I dont drink alcohol, don't eat candy, don't smoke cigarettes, i do juul though, but my face has been clearer even while I was on the juul so i dont believe the two are related. Any thoughts??? Anyone experience very smiliar looking bumps on their foreheads? The rest of my skin is fine other than dryness


Looks lot worse in the light.


Also noticed my skin would look perfectly fine while there's water on my face while im washing up at the sink.. it's when i would pay myself dry, they reappear. Can this mean anything?

As of late I haven;t been moisturizing as in the past, when i did with neutrogena's oil free daily moisturizer it made no difference in the bumps, if anyhting made it worse.


Another thing I noticed is my skin would start to peel after using BP and most face washes, which tbh i wouldn't even mind as long as it got rid of the bumps along with it but the peel would simply be OVER the forehead bumps. 


Also another odd thing is if I put my finger across my forehead, i would think there's nothing there as I  won't feel anything. It's more visual than it is physical. Or at least i think so. Please please help. This has been an ongoing issue for me for as long as I can remember.

photo_2019-01-11 12.55.03.jpeg

photo_2019-01-11 12.54.59.jpeg

photo_2019-01-11 12.54.54.jpeg

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