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Looking to do picosure for hyperpigmentation

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Hey, as I get closer with finishing up with my accutane treatment, I am left with hyperpigmentation and red marks and looking for picosure treatment for these marks as I mentioned in my past thread.

however, I have no idea what a med spa is besides them offer cosmetic treatments and lasers. 

I found several med spas in NYC as well as around me. How do I gauge if they are good or not? Is picosure safe? All I can do is look through yelp review but I am anxious. Unlike subcision specialist where I can find list of recommended individual in the FAQ, I’m pretty much gambling on medical spa.

just to reiterate,

does anyone know any good med spa in NYC?

are picosure laser safe? Can something go wrong?

are these med spas run by board certified dermatologists? Can I go in and have a consultation and talk about my issue and what I want?

thank you!!


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@JohnMarston yeah I have combination of rolling, boxcar, ice pick. All severe not early :(  I am doing subcision with fillers But I would like to combat the hyperpigmentation or at least get more info on these med spas

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6 months after Accutane you have to wait for laser, I know there are some Dr's who will treat you but good luck finding them as they don't want the liability, ... call around the dermatologists I suppose. 

PIE or redness is common after Accutane.

Try these things while waiting, castor oil, comfrey, the ordinary niacinamide, a light peel for lightening like mandelic acid or salicylic acid often called a lightening peel or go get it done by someone. Sunscreen. Can't use retin-a/differin/tretinorin right after Accutane as your healing still.

Healing from the redness can take up to a year.

Who does things in med spa's, nurses, dr's, and technicians who were trained on the equip. Have a consolation and ask how many they have done in your specific skin type, should be hundreds or thousands, you can do a test spot if you wish. Picosure is pretty safe, it's not resurfacing or laser for scars. Yelp reviews and real self. 

You can goto a consultation(s) now, it's up to them if they will treat you since your healing from tane.


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I read somewhere that picosure would be ok with accutane as it is nonablative. This is the only laser I am pursuing.

if I do find one that accepts picosure, and I do it While finishing up accutane (concurrently). What kind of complications I risk?

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