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I’m going to start accutane for second time, but i a have a doubt. When I’m on accutane my acne tends to left me scars even when I don’t touch it or squeeze it. How can I prevent scars this time? My dermatologist said that I’ll not happen. When I’m not taking accutane the big cysts don’t don’t left me scars, I think is because I use Benzoyl Peroxide and Clindamycin, before when I taked first time accutane I don’t used this. I need help

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It is difficult, but there are VERY effective lasers to treat EARLY scars. I am not sure what they are called, but early scar remodelling is very effective, watch some Davin Lim videos. Make sure your skin is always moisturised. 

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Sadly there is not much we can do prevent scars while your on acctutane. Don't pick the scars, let the Accutane do it's work. The skin will change even 6 months after you stop Accutane with improvement so it's a long process. The skin is very fragile while on Accutane wear sunscreen and moisturize. No harsh products or scrubs, eat a diet full of fruit and veg.

I am having trouble with what else your asking to help you. 

Please post a picture of your scarring if you need help. Redness is always normal during this process as wounds heal. 


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