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Hi all, 

After have no acne my whole life (I am 24 and get some pimples on my chin during my period), I have been suffering from sore and itchy spots on both sides of my chin for the past 4 months. It came about out of nowhere, and slowly and steadily has been getting worse over the past 4 months. I thought it was acne at first because I had messed up my birth control back in October and this started right after. However, after doing more research, I think it may be perioral dermatitis. I also cut out gluten form my diet for about 3 weeks to lose weight, and when I re-introduced it was also around the same time this came about. It is very dry and itchy and uncomfortable. Although I do get some clusters of whiteheads among the redness and bumps, the whiteheads are smaller and surrounded my red....not like typical whiteheads I would get. 

Can anyone advise if they think this is perioral dermatitis or acne? 


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3 hours ago, Sturnbike said:

perioral dermatitis

im not saying you have it but ive read online that itchy skin can be a sign of a fungal/yeast acne problem(?)

can you visit a dermatologist?

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