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Has my aesthetic doctor made things worse?

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Hello,  so on 29 Dec I went to my aesthetic doctor to continue my treatment on the rolling scars on my cheek. We had had two sessions of laser treatments with some success. He recommended subcision in a fan shape on my cheek followed by Radiesse fillers and since I had seen some results so far, I was happy to try it out without much research as I had good experiences with his service and a ten day window for down time. He warned me about bruising but I said I should have makeup to cover it up. 

It is day 9 and the bruising is still present but fading. However my concern is that there are four or five irregular lumps that seem to have remained the same shape (they reduced in size as the bruises faded but have not really shrunk in the past four days). Reading up, I am worried that they are either keloids or badly injected Radiesse. He keeps telling me to massage and apply heat, and that the lumps are residual blood and filler that should subside over the next five days, but I have my concerns. Any thoughts? 

(below pictures are covered with foundation so the lumps are clearer ) 



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@Jodiec At this point there is nothing we really can do till things settle. I would massage and follow the doctors directions. I would take a blood thinner as well as this can help. Vitamin K is great for bruises. Because of the way Radiesse works, it's not reversible. If there is a issue, he takes a needle releases the pocket, possibly flush or steriod and it should resolve. You could have the beginning of Grandulmoas which are organized blood. Can the Dr drain these at his office, it's his responsibility for your well being. 

Swelling can take weeks and for some over a month to go down. Lumps and bumps are common during this period. 

If in a week nothing happens goto him and let him drain and or flush the spots.


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Thank you very much beautifulambition, it is such a relief to hear from another medical practitioner, especially when you said that lumps and bumps are common within this period. A lot of what I've read online says that lumps after 7 days are highly unusual and probably permanent so I was getting extremely stressed out. 

I am still heating and massaging obsessively and waiting for the lumps to go down. Will be seeing my doctor again this Saturday, and update for anyone who is following=)

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Thanks very much again @beautifulambition ! (I realise I forgot to tag you in my last reply). 

It's exactly two weeks since my subcision. So the lumps have shrunk a little, but also remain reddish and tender to touch, as well as turning rather hard and grainy-feeling. My doctor says they have become indurations and that these are still normal. To shrink the indurations so that I can go to work, he gave me diluted kenacort injections about 10 hours ago (the effects of which are not yet apparent) and told me to just keep massaging and applying heat.

I've read up on indurations after subcision and while they are not uncommon, they can apparently last up to three months eek. Am massaging as often as I can and hoping they subside sooner rather than later!

A note to anybody undergoing subcision: I wasn't warned about any of this. Your downtime might be rather longer than the two week period that is being floated around out there=|

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I forget about this sub forum sometimes, fell free to PM me if you need to. 

Redish and tender to the touch sounds like a hematoma. Google that. Yes you don't want him to go crazy with Kenakort, you will have atrophy or dents in the tissue, dilute and slow!

Indurations are typically from filler, hardening of the skin, and they express the gel out. Hematomas are much more common as the vascular area of the skin concentrates in spots. Indurations are very rare. A common occurrence is hypertophic scarring as well if someone does not heal well with sub.

If the kenakort does not work, what is his plan b. Manually needle the spots and saline flush to break them up, laser, etc?

Again this is extremely rare, you had a complication and thus will be a long healing period. If your prone to these then perhaps Subcision is not right for you. Look for Cannula subcision next time if your determined to do it. 

Have you thought about getting a second opinion by another derm ?

Hopefully it resolves itself. Slow process unfortunately. 

I think he sliced up the vein area there, and as such it will take time to heal. Yes get a second opinion by a experienced Derm or plastic. 

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