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James Gatz

Why does acne form only on certain areas of face?

I often feel that my whole face is quite oily but I still tend to get cysts only on my jawline and some minor action anywhere else? For example my forehead is covered with hair quite alot and I can see it's very oily but it's perfectly clear. My jawline on the other hand is infested with  smallish cystic pumps (all quite close to each other).

So why do pores get clogged more on my jawline than anywhere else ? Is that like a chain effect that if there's a cyst in one place it clogges the neighboring pores as well forming new cysts?

I'm 22 years old male. 

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ive read different theories about this... hormonal, diet, vitamin imbalance , demodex mites, folliculitis, excessive face touching, using the wrong products.. ive even read SLS in toothpaste can cause chin acne etc

all i can say is my skin calmed down when i stopped using harsh products/soaps, minimal face washing and stopped drinking milk ..personally i think your best bet is to do some research online (here/ google/ youtube) and find something which works for you.

you might want to start by researching how to reduce your sebum production (over production of sebum/oil = spots)


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If you ever figure out the answer to this question, I'd love to know! I've been wondering the same thing... it's so weird that I don't get acne on my forehead even when I wear ball caps and bike helmets and all that, but I've got crazy cystic acne on my jawline and cheeks! I don't notice a correlation between the cysts on my jawline and anything touching my face (like people with whiteheads/blackheads talk about when they touch their face or something) or moisturizer clogging pores or anything. It's almost like the cysts come from below and not above! So weird.

I have noticed, however, that some inflammatory foods make my cysts worse, just like anti-inflammatory foods make them less obvious. I have also read that hormones tend to create acne on the jawline as opposed to other parts of the face. And like @MrBakery said, I have also cut milk out of my diet and I think that has helped some, too.

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