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Hi! I'm dealing with severe acne since I was 13. 7 years later I have tried everything on the market for acne. I've also taken several antibiotics for acne, and tried many topical creams and nothing worked. The only thing that is left for me to try is isotretinoin. I was so happy when I heard about it, thinking it would cure my acne for good. But after reading about isotretinoin online, I have found out that it contains soya oil, and that patients who are allergic to nuts and soya can't take this medicine. I was devastated because I'm allergic to peanuts :( I have my dermatologist appointment on the first of February and I was 100% sure she would reccomend isotretinoin for me. I don't have hope for any other product beside isotretinoin. Is there some alternative to this medicine? Or do you think isotretinoin can be prescribed together with some antihistamine medication? Do you think that combination would work? Thank you for all of your replies, I appreciate it! 

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I am having the exact same problem. I have told my dermatologist but I have heard nothing back... I'm scared because I feel like there is not anything else that can be done. I just want and need answers about what I can do next. I was meant to be going on roaccutane at the end of the month but I am so sad because I can't anymore. 

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