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Please some help most severe scaring ever pics in post.

Hi everyone, well heres my story. Firstly my acne started about 2years ago. Had normal teenage acne you knowww.. then it got worse to a point that i went to a dermatologist, well he gave me accutane ughh , hated that stuff. i was about 4 months in the treatment, when my acne went from worst to even most worst. I mostly had body acne, shoulders , chest and back ohh and upper arms... soo like from worst it went to badly inflamed lessions, derm gave me meds and nothing would stop the inflammation. I had to stop accutane at around the 5th month of 60mg a day, due to the inflammation caused from the accutane. My skin wouldn’t heal until i stoped the accutane. About 18months later, today i have no more acne. But I probably have the worst scars ever seen.. ill uplad pics please dont judge I know it is horrible. Sadly it ruins my whole life. Soo if anyone could please give me any advice whatsoever, I will appreciate it soo much.









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Man sorry to hear that. I think you would need some type of laser or surgery to fix that. Not sure if any creams or magic pills will fix that. Sorry about your case.

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Hey! So I agree with the previous comment. Laser might be your best bet .. but I would definitely seek a specialist that knows what they are doing and have plenty of experience treating similar cases. Also just a side note that I don't think it is horrible at all! We are our worst critics and your scars are by far not the worst I have seen :) I have scars on my face which is harder to cover lol as they are right IN YOUR FACE so please don't feel down about yours.

Sending hugs :) 

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