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Question on scars

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Hi all..its my first post here..I hope I can get some help from you. Please find a picture of my scars attached for reference.

I have these weird discoloration from past acne..its almost looks like my skin is dirty...i had acne about 2.5 years ago and I dont have anymore, but I feel really conscious about these scars.

I have mild rolling scars, but the discoloration bothers me the most. I am using Sundey Riley Good genes and UFO oil, but I am not seeing much improvement.

Can you please suggest me something. Will IPL help?

Awaiting your response.




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@Bonnie789 Yes this is not scarring it's PIH or discoloration post acne. Called hyperpigmentation. You can do vbl if you wish, or there are lasers for this like picosure or q-switch. It takes a few. Also use tretinorin/differin/retin-a nightly with a cream having the ingredients licorice and kojic acid to work on the pigment. Some do glycolic acid peels as well.

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Wearing sunscreen will help, use it the way you are taught on the regimen, just make sure it is not pore blocking. Glycolic acid also helps. I also had great success with diy tumeric face masks (just don't use too much because that will stain your face)

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