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Acne Scar (My Journey) - Need advice! w/+photos

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Hello Acne-Community,

I've silently been following your stories and have decided to do something about my acne-scars and share my journey, as many of you have.  A big SHOUT-OUT to all the moderators for the time and dedication they put into helping us.  :symbols_v1_0:

My story: 
As for the majority of acne-scars sufferers, my scars have affected me psychological. Before I started to see a psychologist (6 months ago), I constantly wore make-up and had a need to always look myself in the mirror. I didn't date because of my thoughts that mad me believe that when the person would see my scarring (underneath all the make-up) he would turn around, and that kind of rejection was something that I didn't want to put myself through... Anyhow, since I started to see my psychologist my self-teem have increased tremendously. I don't ware that much make-up anymore (I even go out without sometimes) and I've started dating. I still have a long way to go, but i'm getting there... The reason why i'm writing this is because our wounds lies deeper than the scars on our face and it doesn't matter if we successfully reduce them and get 100% beautiful skin - the scars inside us will still be there but show in a different way.

My Acne-Scar story:

Zero, have not had anything done.

Treatment #1: December 14, 2018 - Nokor Subscion + Fillers Belotero  (Dr. Emil Henningsen)

Downtime: To be updated
Visual improvement:To be updated
Comments: Dr. Henningsen examine my acne scars and concluded that the majority where rolling scars. I do have some box scars and other type of scars (don't remember what he called them). Anyways, we decided to wait with treatment of the superficial scars. Personally, I want to take it slow as I never done any treatment before and don't know how my body heals. We did although put TCA (5% - I think) on one of my box scars to see how I respond to the treatment. 
Treatment on cheeks: Nokor Subscion + Fillers Belotero
Treatment on temples: Subscion with a thinner needle (don't remember the name) + Fillers Belotero
Treatment on Jaw: Subscion with a thinner needle (don't remember the name) + Fillers Belotero (Dr. didn't treat my entire jaw but two scaring on each side that was thread)

Posting more details with pictures of healing process below)

Treatment #2: End February- Begging March, 2019 - Nokor Subcision, fillers, other treatments?  (Dr. Emil Henningsen)
Dr. Emil Henningsen told me to wait three months before next appointment. I might go in a bit earlier depending on how I heal - 2,5 months. Should combine the subscion with TCA Crossing? I've noticed that some Dr.s combine laser (high power - low density) with Subscion as it helps with the production of collagen. I might ask him to use laser on a test-area to see how I respond to it and do laser treatment #3. I've Hispanic skinso hyper-pigmentation is a concern. 

Treatment #3: End June- Begging July, 2019 - Nokor Subcision, fillers, laser?  (Dr. Emil Henningsen)
To Be Continue..

Treatment #4: xxxxxxxx, 2019 - Something for the texture!?
To Be Continue..




Picture post-treatment - I don't have a good camera on my phone. I'll tried to get the pictures that my doctor took under angle lighting. 

Left side: My worst side


Right side


JAW: scars are bumps that are sticking out. Nothing was done about that this time.



Peace out!

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-Healing Process!

Treatment #1: December 14, 2018 - Nokor Subscion + Fillers Belotero

Day: 24 hours after treatment
Physical Condition: Swollen gone down 50%; Minimal bruises on jaw and cheek. Honestly, I had prepared myself for the worst - completely bruised. To my surprise, I've not bruised that much. I'm being very attentive to my healing process as everyone should be after any kind of treatment. So far - everything is good! Although, one of the incision points are a bit red and still quite swollen which is completely normal (done research before treatment), but one should still be attentive to the healing process because it should be getting better everyday and not worse. ^_^




Next post will be in 4 week. Peace out!

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Thanks for posting your story! I've read good things about dr. Emil and consider giving him a visit myself, though I'd have to travel a bit. 

Please keep us updated. :)

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