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Reducing hard lumps after subcision, any tips?

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I recently had my 2nd round of treatment with Professor Chu (A combination of derma pen, subcision and TCA) and can definitely see a cosmetic improvement in the depth of my cheek scarring which I'm pleased with.

However, I now have a hard lump under the skin on my cheek which feels like a small pea (Is this a Haematoma rather than nodule?)

I got one after my first round of subcision on my other cheek which is still there though I feel has shrunk very slightly. 

Any tips (Massage? serums?) that can shrink these?  I'd like to avoid steroid injections as I'm of the understanding they can potentially cause dents themselves which is counter productive to my subcision course!


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Maybe self limiting, if you can feel a lump- OK, if you can see the lump intervene. Massage, and time. Prof will use dilute A5 or A 10 injections, if mild -break down with saline injections. As habit I think all dermatologist should get haemostasis or no bleeding after subcsion. If bleed, vvvvvv easy to evacuate the clot. The good derms (not that Im saying Chu is not good, he's probably the master), will take their time to evacuate clots and re-check you don't bleed before you go. The bleed is usually venous if cannula, or possibly arterial if NOKOR. Arterial bleeds will have a spurt or flashback, venous bleeds will have a lump. Early intervention is ICE and pressure for both. If left untreated organised haematomas are harder to treat. These ones are hard and ENCAPSULATED with fibrous tissue. Dilute steroids, 5FU can break down. If one has experienced, a fibre optic laser to the area can be very specific ( I saw this in a lecture once when I was doing the AV set up for a plastic surgeon) really exciting stuff... us geeks get excited with the word ' fibre optic laser':smileys_n_people_37:

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Thanks for the response Obi wan. 

Chu was thorough with ice packs and stemming blood post subcision, no complaints with his treatment whatsoever :)

I can see the lump, it almost looks like a cyst under the skin so is a little unsightly.  While I cannot be sure, the type with fibrous tissue (hard) seems to describe what I can feel. 

I'll be going abroad for several weeks over Christmas so would be nice to reduce it a little if possible.  Do I run the risk of making matters worse (before it gets better) by seeking an injection this week, am I better waiting until I return from holiday? 

If it is indeed encapsulated with fibrous tissue, will the aspirin based cream recommended by beautifulambition still be effective?

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@SimonandScarfunkel If you get it injected, see the pinned post on steriod injections. Please have them over dilute it and only use a little bit. Too much and the skin temporarily makes a divot. Some Dr's do 2 low dose diluted injections to be safe. 

If it has formed "encapsulated tissue" then no asprin cream won't work. Some dermastamp it. Some dr's will needle it and use saline. Or dab some retin-a/tretinorin on it. 

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