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Has anyone been to Michele Green for subcision

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I read through the FAQ and notice there isn’t really not a lot of subcision specialist in NYC. After searching through Realself and zocdoc, I found Michele Green, MD. 

I would like to know if anyone here had subcision from her and how was her work, and also if there’s any other NYC specialist not listed on the FAQ.

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@Thanosisahero NYC of course has several hundred derms, it's a large city. This site for "FREE" offers practitioners who are acne scar Drs - Novick is a 1% top specialist in this field. We don't offer a bunch of general derms who have no clue. Anyone can get a laser and zap you, that is 99% if Drs. Dr's fall in and out of favor all the time through patient reports or changing directions. We really want to only offer the top acne scar professionals that don't waste people's time with unnecessary treatment and who do manual methods like subcision, tca cross, and acid peels. Look a Hollywood one of the biggest plastic surgery and aesthetic capitals of the world, ... there are no good / top acne scar Drs there. Lots of people who overcharge or sell procedures, people from LA are traveling to San Diego to see Rullan (that a drive). That being said Novick does manual methods that is why we recommend him, it is also true his costs are high because he is highly sought after in NYC. I would suggest you call around to dermatology / plastic surgeon offices and ask " do you do cannula or Nokor subcision," many will not or say they do and do not. Next ask how many do you do a month for scarring. This is why people pay for consultations to see if it's a good fit. Pick 3 practitioners and see who you like best, even if you have to pay. Check the reviews on Realself.com and Yelp, ... lots of fake and paid reviews so be aware. OR call the local dermatology teaching colleges in NYC - Dermatology department and ask do you do subcision. Perhaps you will branch out into uncharted territory and find a new Dr we can recommend. We even have people traveling to other states for treatment as there just are not that many good Drs. 

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On 11/29/2018 at 7:14 AM, Thanosisahero said:

Yeah I will definitely see him but I would also like to know if there’s other options. He can’t possibly be the only NYC.

Kaveh alizadeh. 

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