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Hormonal/cystic acne, excessive peeling and dry/mature skin!

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I've been suffering from a recent, horrible non-stop bout of cystic acne on my cheeks and jawline since I attempted to start the oil cleansing method.  It started out great but turned into a disaster. It's in part the result of OCM and hormonal changes.  I've eliminated dairy and bread for one week and now instead of getting eruptions on the right side of my face only I get them on the left side too.  (As for the right side, I have no explanation, no contact with phones or hands, and I change my pillowcase every other night.) So great, I cleaned up my diet a bit and now have both sides of my face dealing with mid-cheek and jaw acne.  I get a random smaller pimple actually within my eyebrows at times, but that's it.  My right cheek looks red and angry between the lingering white heads, cystic bumps that never completely heal (they get less red but the gunk inside stays there), and scars.  The bumps have now starts affecting my upper lip and corners of my mouth.  

My doctor prescribed spironolactone but I'm afraid to start it after reading very mixed reviews.  My hormones are wacky enough without adding a low libido and unpredictable menstrual cycles.  So I've been using Aczone and Retin-A.  Even used every other day to start, the peeling started big time.  I was also prescribed BP for spot treating which brings the zits to a head but doesn't stop them from coming.  So my face has begun to peel and my attempt to cover my bad hyperpigmentation (red and brown spots) with mineral makeup makes my face peel even more.  Liquid foundation historically has made me break out which is why I stick with mineral makeup.  It's really bad and no moisturizer seems to stop it.  I exfoliate with gentle exfoliator?  It peels even more.  The only thing that halts the peeling is vaseline or Aquaphor and then it looks like I have globs of grease on my cheeks.  I have no idea how to get this dead skin off my face.  

I'm at a loss as to what to do for the acne itself since it won't stop... although the cystic acne seems to have slowed, the smaller whiteheads are continuing on my cheeks and jawline nonstop.  Maybe it's my workouts at the gym causing this even though I get hardly any zits on my forehead and temple where I'm sweating the most?  But besides that, I don't know what to do about the peeling and dead skin all over my cheeks in addition to the scarring.  I don't even know if my skin is oily anymore.  I've had an oily T-zone my while life and now my skin is so dry, it's painful to smile and I can feel the area around my lower cheeks cracking.  At this point, I'm afraid of putting any kind of product on my face because I simply don't know how my skin is going to react.  

And micellar water seemed to cause some sort of reaction as well, so not sure what to use now to get makeup off.  Does anyone use cold creams anymore to remove makeup because I don't want to go back to oils either!! 

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OMG I feel your pain with the peeling! I'd stop the Retin-A. Talk to ur derm about how bad it is for you... it shouldn't be making you peel after the first few uses. It was way to harsh for my skin and so my derm took me off it. The Retin-A, if it's that irritating, could even be furthering your breakout cycle. Since It's hormonal acne, I have found that limiting my fat intake, especially the week before and all during my period really helps me to not get a big "time of the month" breakout. I ended up going on Accutane, which I know a lot of women with OCM go on. Spironolactone isn't a bad call for OCM. I was given it a while ago because I have hairloss for some unknown reason. I know a lot of women w/ OCM end up on it just for hair-loss so at least you don't have that to worry about it seems. Good luck!

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