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Acne comes from inside ?

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Good evening,

Being 23 years old and still having low-moderate acne at times, I am looking for a solution.

I have searched a lot on the internet for the causes of acne and it is most likely a body problem that rejects it on the face. The face is an organ that serves as a detox like the faith the kidney or the belly and everything look linked.

I have an inflammation of the stomach but I have to go and do new tests to find out what it is due to (intolerance, bacteria, etc...). It could be years since I had problems and I didn't necessarily feel it. I think that if I heal this concern, my acne could disappear or at least be much less present.

There is also apparently a link between intestinal flora and acne. Especially if it's unbalanced, which my doctor thinks could be my case.

Has anyone ever treated their acne or significantly reduced it, but by treating another organ or disease?

Thank you :)

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4 hours ago, niko123 said:

There is also apparently a link between intestinal flora and acne.

you might find some research on flora and acne but ive read that taking certain medicines like antibiotics can strip the body of good bacteria causing long term  acne problems.. dont know if its true.

personally i can control break outs and greatly minimize my skin problem through removing certain things from my diet (ie sugar, milk, fizzy drinks) & using sensitive skin products - redness on the other hand seems very hard to control - im currently going through a period of clear skin.

acne is a complex disease. there is no such thing as a one cure for all.

just my option but i would think you would greatly improve your skin if you were to remove certain  foods from your diet which are bad for acne.

- finding the correct soaps/creams for your skin type can be hard.. unfortunately it can be trial and error.

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I suffer from Chron's Disease a disease that is partly due to inflammation in the gut. There's thing that i've done naturally to reduce inflammation in my gut that helped my ACNE so much. I've been acne free for over a year. With consistency and taking a good look at your diet you might be able to get rid of toxins and inflammation in your gut as well. I decided to share some things that have really helped me. I hope this helps :)  https://youtu.be/hRZ-6SPBQAc 

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