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Help me get rid of my red marks and scars

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Hi guys as u see in my picture its kinda bad ngl. i never had sever acne until last year when hell broke loose on my face. Its weird that acne hit me hard not in my teen years but once i was 20 years old. I have 2 more weeks of accutane then I'll finish my course of 40mg/day for about 5 and half months. Past 2 months i stopped getting acne on my face only small spots once in a while there and there but lately i have been getting acne on my back and chest which is new. Anyway im left with red large marks specially in my left cheek that have been there for over 4 months with little improv
ement. I dont the severity of my scarring because of the hypermentation but i know for sure that i have scars. So could anyone with past experience tell me what to do with these red marks ( pih) cuz it really sucks after struggling with acne for months and finally being acne free but still have red marks as if u still have acne and not to mention the scars.
thanks for reading my post if any1 did 
(note: these pics were taken right afterwards washig my face with warm water)20181119_034751.thumb.jpg.9142fa0d3c7d3e40a3cfb5c6a8dc43a1.jpg20181119_034751.thumb.jpg.9142fa0d3c7d3e40a3cfb5c6a8dc43a1.jpg

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Hi there thanks for posting, this is PIE not PIH, or wounding post acne. You can have this for a year plus. Some effective treatments are vascular laser, but you can try things at home like retin-a/differin/tretinorin nightly. Also glycolic peels can be helpful for this.


You have very slight scars, It may not even be worth extensive and costly treatments as the majority of your issue is PIE - redness.  You could do several Glycolic peels or tca peels and dermastamp only the scars at home. At 20 you will see a lot of improvement. Many with young scars do treatments such as E-matrix or sublative rf, or rf needling.



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