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Hi, I’ve been using duac once daily for nearly 2 months now and tbh my face has gotten way worse I used to never get scars from previous acne and all of sudden I have these scars that look like they’re spots but they’re not which really makes me feel hopeless and sad because they arent and I’ve been told it takes up to a year for scar tissue to settle down and go back to its usual state.Ive even keeping a digital dairy to show my progress but it seems to get worse over time. The nurse did say it would in the first 2 weeks then settle down but it was better then than now.WHAT CAN I DO? I am starting to lose hope that I may never get my beautifully blemish free skin back. I am 15 and I do know it’s hormonal I have had acne when I was 13 which cleared away after 4 Months this acne has stayed for longer than that time.
PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP!!!! I’ve attached two photos to show what my skin looked like just over 4 months ago to now
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they look like post acne marks? if correct they do fade over time.

you can do a forum search but a lot of people, including me believe benzoyl peroxide can make post acne marks look worse and make them stay around for longer.


-i would recommend you do a google search on:

acne and diet.

post acne marks.

hormonal acne.

milk and acne.



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Thankyou, I shall search it up and I don’t drink much milk related stuff and my diet is healthy (by NHS standards) so I shall see if there’s anything that will work and yeh I’ve stopped using the duac as it’s BP based. 

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