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Severe acne scars

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Pls help me out guyz. I've got severe acne scarring from 8 years of cystic acne. The only thing I can afford right now is at home TCA peels and a dermaroller. My question is, is it possible for me to at least make my scarring less visible by doing multiple TCA peels at home and maybe get rid of some of the shallow boxcar scars.

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Please post a picture of your scarring (scars make shadows) and I can confirm. Microneedlng even after a year or so will not do much on it's own. Peels added to it will make a difference as they work together. I also don't know how you heal, ... some it's poorly. Are you nightly using a retin-a/tretinorin/differin (Target OTC) as we need to induce cell turnover. Subcision is cheap even for the most budget minded and can be done even once or twice a year if you save up some money. This manual method does make a difference. Also with box cars tca cross by a Dr can sometimes help dramatically and be pretty cheap.

See the FAQ, Acid Peel Section, and paint on tca, and peels for more info.

Start with the above at home needling, peels, retin.... nightly and bump up treatments if you want more improvement. Dr's treatments have the power tools if you need them. Severe scarring needs severe treatments. Most severe scars need aggressive subcision. RF needling is not microneedling,... rf being more like a laser and a treatment for box cars. 

Everything is affordable if we think in the long run over years. Some get discouraged with the long process but this is the trade off for at home DIY treatments, patience and knowing when you need a Dr's help if you have plateaued . 

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