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Can anyone tell me what step to take to get rid of this once and for all?

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I started breaking out when I was about 11-12 years old, I am now 20 years old and am still breaking out and have never been able to get it completely under control. I have tried so many different things, as far as veltin clindamycin gel, benzyol peroxide, aczone, tea tree oil, I’ve taken doxycycline and spironalactone, birth control and nothing seems to have helped. I am currently taking clindamycin topical solution in the morning and tretnoin at night but it is not making much of a difference and I still have lots of hyper pigmentation along with new pimples that keep coming in. I’m not sure how to get rid of. I just want to have clear skin again, I believe it is hormones. I used to only really get breakouts on my chin now they are all over my cheeks and jawline as well.  

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I went through the exact same process when I was around 14/15, whereby I had severe acne and had tried every topical gel/cream and oral antibiotic prescribed from my GP. Im not sure if you are based in the UK, but I would speak to your Doctor about being referred to a dermatologist so they can prescribe you Roaccutane. This is what happened to me and I went on a course for several months, it cleared my acne up within weeks. The only downfall is that there can be side effects such as depression and extremely dry skin. I only got slight dry skin but other than that I was fine. I would 100% suggest Roaccutane as the next course of action! The dermatologist only prescribe it you if you have severe acne as its mega strong stuff. 

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