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Naturopath VS Acne specialist/Dermatologist

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My acne started when I moved here in  Toronto Canada, I was 17 then now Im 34 and fed up with it.
I used to go to Dr. Geller acne treatment clinic they have 4 branches then 2 of those helped me with acne. Ive been to the yonge and st claire (under Dr. David Eisen) for a very long time. I tried benzoil peroxide, minocyn and everything in between. I did 2 rounds or treatment of Accutane with birth control pills when I was in early 20s. I stopped the pill when we want to get pregnant (i was 29 yo) and now  after 2 kids my acne is back, I called my Dr but that location was closed so I went to another the new Dr wanted me to do 3rd round of Accutane. I refused because I suffer depression and anxiety (i was seeing a psychiatrist then) when I was pregnant until now I still have it but not as bad as before. She then said that Accutane doesnt cause it, anyway, I still dont want it because I dont want further damage to my internal organs. now, I dont know if I should just look for another dermatologist or try a naturopath. Im curious and interested to the blood work they do to see if a food or something triggers acne, but I dont know If it is worth all the $$. now Im on my 2nd month of Yaz but my acne is still present :( 
Its just so depressing, Its taken a toll on me. I dont want to look at mirrors and Ive looked at the pictures of my babies and noticed we dont have a lot just a few. because I dont want to see my pictures. and sometimes my baby loves to hold my face but my acne hurts. I dont like to wear a lot of make ups too because again, I noticed it gets transferred to my babies face :(
Please let me know your thoughts, experience with naturopath, my husband has insurance from work I just dont think it covers naturopath, but if in the end thats what will keep my acne under control I might try it too. 
Or if you know a super good dermatologist Id like to know your experience too.
thank you in advance

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I'm so sorry for the frustration you're experiencing :(  It's really hard...I felt the exact same way this time last year.  Would avoid looking in the mirror so I didn't have to see my cystic acne..would try to cover it up with makeup, but you can only cover up a huge cyst so much...lol.

What are you currently using for topical products?  I would suggest a dermatologist over a naturopath.  That is their speciality...and to be honest, anything natural I've used has never worked, or has made it worse.  Stick to the dermatologist.  If you need any suggestions on topical products, just let me know!

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