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v55 Salicylic Acid. Good effects so far?!

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Hi guys! A while ago I had a thread here while I was on accutane. It worked great, but as you know, your acne has a chance of coming back even after being on it. Alas, it did, and while the cystic acne was never as bad as it used to be, and I stopped wearing make up completely to let my skin breathe at all times, it did keep getting to me!

My doctor prescribed me Epiduo, which is great! Been using it for almost a year. I think it keeps my acne at mild bay, but it just wasn't cutting it, honestly... I also use the Dermol 500 lotion to wash my face, so everything I used was prescription, not store bought. However, I missed having clear skin, so I looked around...
Amazon has this. It's a V55 Max Salicylic acid cream and after seeing such positive reviews, I wanted to try it. I was skeptical because I hadn't seen it on here before, but it came on Friday of last week when I had around 5 active spots and got right to using it every night and morning. Sure, it smells, but I put up with it. It's Tuesday now. I don't have any active spots, and my skin looks fantastic. I obviously don't know the long term effects, but I'm wowed, because I had to go on accutane. No topical treatment fully worked for me. Yet this thing seems to be doing okay....?

Has anyone else had eperience with this? It has the tendency to make my face hot, obviously because it's acid, but boy does my skin feel smoo-ooth!

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That's awesome! I've never heard of it, but that's exciting that it's working for you! Just go with it and don't question it - if it works, it works. I thought BP was hopeless for me, until I found the "right" one.  Skin is apparently picky! haha

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