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The Best Spot Treatment I've Ever Used (after 10 years of acne lol)

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Hey, guys! I know it's been forever since I've updated on these forums. I'm super happy to say that I mostly have my adult acne under control. However, I definitely still get hormonal breakouts every month. 

They never get too bad anymore, but honestly that's because I've finally found out how to properly spot treat whiteheads! So, I found this product called Dots. They're hydrocolloid blemish patches that you're supposed to put on before you go to bed and sleep with them. So, that's what I did. I gently popped ( I know, I know) my whiteheads, cleaned them out, then put a Dot over them. In the morning, OH MY GOSH, all the gunk in my pore had LITERALLY been sucked out of my face. 

When I peeled off the Dot, I actually could see all the pus (Sorry, gross) and bacteria in the bandage itself. Some of my whiteheads were gone completely, others were flatter and less inflamed. I swearrrrr, after 10 years of dealing with breakouts, this is the BEST overnight spot treatment I have ever found. And no, I'm not selling. Check my profile, I have blog posts dating back years and years lol 

Anyways, just wanted to share what's been working for me. So, yeah, they're called Dots Blemish Patches. They're super cheap and they're crazy good. I just get them from the website, which I'll link for y'all here. [Edited link out]

Let me know if anyone else uses them! I get so passionate talking about these little Dots lol 

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Ooh! I use these!! They're so great! I actually have been using hydrocolloid before they became a "thing". Then Dots came out and thankfully now they're cheaper and I don't have to cut them up lol Do you use them on cysts? I know they work awesome on whiteheads, but I actually put them on my cysts as well and it really helps bring everything to the surface quicker. Definitely give that a shot ;) 

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