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Red Marks or Scars? Please help :/

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BC7181C6-3E0F-4B8A-A712-530EB45E932E.thumb.jpeg.dc0d9670cfd20fdd162419a0edc68cbc.jpeg086A660C-6DB6-4386-B131-1410F9B91FF3.thumb.jpeg.9da0aa55850203d997ebb5f79086f00b.jpegHello! Start accutane 3 weeks ago due to my back&chest acne (cystic) 20mg ed for 6months

I dont have much acne in the facebut i have this.
anyone know if these are red marks or scars? What i can do ? Peelings? Lasers?

Im tired because im 21 and have this since 16..

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Red marks are not scars, they are PIE (reds) or wounding post acne. Vascular laser is used on them like V-beam or a q-switched laser if it's PIH (browns). There are other treatments in the FAQ, top of this sub, hyperpigmentation, ... very first post. Look for PIE.

Some try glycolic peels to soften them and see if they heal. 

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