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After two accutane treatments and lots of other failed attempts to get rid of my acne forever, I'm starting to wonder why some people a skin so persistent to break out. My skin is much better then it was before but I'm still breaking out eventually and it really perplexes me. I know many of you are in the exact same situation or something very similar and can see where I'm coming from. It's very frustrating to know many people with glowing skin who never takes care of it and others with bad acne scars on their face doing everything they can to make it go away but with little or no success at all. What's worse is seeing may dermatologists taking your money and still not solving your problem.
 I have tried many things: diet, creams, soaps, natural remedies, teas, changing my pillows everyday, a combination of all of it, and so on, but nothing has a permanent effect in clearing my skin. The real question is... how come it is so difficult to point out what's causing someone's acne nowadays? We have technology advanced enough to go to the moon but somehow it is too hard to do some kind of test and tell what the hell is -- literally -- wrong with us.
  Now, I know it varies from person to person. I know a guy whom stopped eating peanut and chocolates and his face cleared, another cut out soy from his diet, other started using aloe vera as a face mask and it worked wonders, etc, nonetheless, in all of these scenarios, there was an existing factor which was causing the breakouts, so my point is.... how hard can it be for a professional to figure out something like this? Isn't this why they spend so many years studying for? Instead of making us waste money on products that will attack the symptoms instead of the cause and merely mitigate the issue, why not do some tests to see what gives and provide a permanent solution?!
 Unfortunately, since this is the case, what's left for us is this journey of trial and error until we someday get it right and figure this out.

Yea, it was more of a rant than anything... sorry.

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im in the same boat and totally feel the same. its tiring to constantly have to fix your face only for it to come back :/ here's hoping we'll find a cure one day!

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