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Acne scar advice + help.

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Up until this year pretty much I've had acne starting from 2015 so for about 3 years and only this year has it finally started to clear up and I no longer get any bad breakouts.

However I am left with some scars on my face and a lot of hyper-pigmentation. In regards to my scarring , although I do believe I may have some icepick scars particularly around my temple area that are relatively deep,  I personally think that most of my scars aren't of this icepick nature and are more shallow and not as deep.

I will post some pictures below of my scarring for both left and right sides and I would like to get your input in terms of the nature of my scars and treatment options.
Regarding treatment options, I have looked into microneedling (Dermapen) and believe this should be my go to method for my scars.
What do you guys think of this treatment method in regards to how effective it would be in the nature of my scars and would you reccomend any other scar treatment options that I may find success in ?

Thanks alot!

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Thank you please post the pictures. Scars make shadows. Use a flashlight or directional lighting so I can advise specifically based on your scarring a plan. 

Dermapen will not fix icepicks. TCA Cross is most effective, ... but I need to make sure they are icepicks or we may need another recommendation.


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Thank you for posting the pics.

One of the biggest issues I see is PIE or wounding post acne. The red areas. I would consider picosure which is a laser for this which works well on ethnic skin types or perhaps v-beam vascular laser.

You look to have a combo of rolling scars, boxcars.

I would get cannular subcision do throughout the cheeks and temples (4 sessions may be needed), filler is optional each session or the last.

On your box cars (harsh borders) you can get paint on / spot peels - some drs call this tca cross inside the individual pits. To raise the scar bed. Several sessions are needed.

RF microneedling can be done then to your scars OR co2 specifically to the boxcar scar borders - angled application  (to soften them). 

You can then do a spot peel for texture or erbium resurfacing to problem areas. 

Treat as you have time and money, everything is optional, space treatments 3 months apart, subicsion will help you most. 

Please use tretinorin or retin-a and a konjac and albutin cream nightly to prevent hyperpigmentation and make cell turnover. 

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Any mm length youd reccomend for my scars and should i go to a dermatologist if i have the money or is it just as effective at home ? Also will i expect to see a good improvement from microneedling on my type of scars or will subcision be the main solution? 

thanks alot btw

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I'd see a practitioner. Your main issue is PIE or the redness. Picosure would help even out skin color. 
When someone Does DIY they want to do something at home, ... you would get a % of improvement over time. You can microneedle at home and do peels and still see a practitioner between treatments as well. Subcision is not as expensive as laser. 

The FAQ - top post of the acne scar sub, has a derminator section, find that and it will talk about microneedling. 1-1.5mm is average.


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know anyone possibly in Auckland , NZ that can do subcision or any other of these acne scar practices? not entirely sure if anyone is reputable in Auckland , NZ.

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Dr Davin Lim is in Brisbane AUS and most patients travel to him.

I do not know someone specifically in NZ but I can offer some advice. IF you do find someone please share the contact with me so I can add them to the list. 

You need to look for someone (call and google) who specifically does manual scar work,  subcision and tca cross. 


I can give you a plan PM me.

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