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Can you help me identify scars?

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Hello everyone! 
I've had acne since I was twelve, now is not as bad as it was, but I'm left with scars. I think they might be ice pick scars but I'm not sure. I'd like some opinions about what can be done about this. Thank you very much! 20181004_105510-1.thumb.jpg.a9c21b18251d217368d22db62de8e893.jpg20181004_105451-1.thumb.jpg.9228d9038d08beb49b273fafbe976bd7.jpg20181004_105430.thumb.jpg.e78dff22ea8ea89365eb534f9b957562.jpg

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Are u sure they are not black heads? , ya microneedling, dermabrasion, am sure the options are all on google , what I will say if your getting some acne now wait until it's all clear as they cant perform these treatments while u have acne.

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I'm not sure, but they don't seem blackheads, not all of them at least. I think there's some ice picks in there. Thank you! 

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scarred pores and connecting all making look like linear scratch scars
i also have same

but i am not worried about these

the only thing bothers me that big pox scars on my face

anyways these not look bad at all u shud be happy as ur scar is not severe

also is this pic of indexed lighting or normal lighting ???

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I don't like to be told how I should feel, but I'm grateful for the reassurance on the fact that they don't look that bad! :)
I know they are not that severe and I'm grateful about that  but I still get stared at and judged everytime I look for a retail job.  
It's sunlight! 

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Your main issue is PIE or wounding after acne. You have inflation. Active acne. This needs to be under control before any treatment occurs. Please see a general derm for this.

If you wish vascular laser can be used on the red inflammation which is not scarring.

I see no major scarring on your cheeks. If your referring to large pores or a few icepicks many have this. Some tca cross can be done but it's a bit overkill, also clear and brilliant or 1927nm fraxel repair. You may use a retin-a/tretinorin/differin nightly. Over exfoliation will make the pores/pits look larger. Find something that cleans out your pore or deals with sebum, a example is salicylic acid or Glycolic peels. 

Look at thing like oil, your diet causing issues, hormonal acne and spiro, or products you use.


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