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HELP MY SKIN! (Small colourless bumps on my forehead)

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I N T R O 
Hello! I am a 14 year old girl and I have these small colourless bumps on my forehead. 

I never really cared about my appearance or what people thought about me, until high school came along and then that’s when people’s thoughts really got to me. 

1 2  Y E A R S  O L D 
When I was 12 I had clear skin, I never really washed my face just put on moisturiser as I thought that I was too young to invest in skin products that I didn’t actually need. Towards the end of year 7 I noticed these small bumps appearing on my forehead and my pores becoming bigger, but I never cared. Then I realised it was the beginning of PUBERTY!!!

Yes, puberty! The thing that everyone has to experience to be able to grow as a human, the thing that us people experience to show the fact that we are growing and leaving our childhood behind. 

1 3 Y E A R S  O L D 
When I turned 13, I noticed more and more small colourless bumps to appear on my face but I still didn’t care. As more of these bumps appeared on my face I bought my first face mask, face wash and moisturiser (Clean and clear foaming face wash, clean and clear moisturiser and a clay face mask from target). These products made me notice a difference to my skin but the problem was that it didn’t really help the small bumps on my forehead, but it did only help my pores and make my skin smoother besides my forehead. Later on the year I still didn’t care about my looks and just stuck to my studies. 

14 Y E A R S  O L D 
This year I became more self conscious about myself and to be more specific the way I LOOKED. I began to look at myself in the mirror more and became more concerned about these small bumps on my forehead. What I then did was watch a bunch of YouTube videos of these girls explaining their story on how they got these small bumps disappear and what products they used. As I began to watch these videos I began to invest in more skin care products and NOTHING WORKED!


T H E  P R O D U C T S 
- Bioré deep pore charcoal cleanser
 - Nivea daily essentials 2 in 1 wash and scrub
- Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser (Still using) 
- Neutrogena deep clean purifying clay cleanser      and mask (Sometimes use as a mask) 
- Lush angels on bare skin fresh cleanser (Still use) 
- Natural aloe Vera 
- Apple cider vinegar 
- Natural lemon juice 
- Clean and clear daily moisturiser (Still use) 

C O N C L U S I O N 
Yes, I know I had used a lot of products and non of these have worked! Currently I am using the cetaphil gentle cleanser (to wash my face morning and night), the lush angels on bare skin fresh cleanser (night), neutrogena clay wash and mask (I use it as a face mask only sometimes) and the clean and clear daily moisturiser. 

All I want is to feel confident with myself and I constantly have hope but get crushed with every end results. Every time I go to school I see girls with such clear skin and wonder how it feels to have such a gift, girls that have clear skin don’t understand the pressure to feel humiliated to be the only girl in class to have these bumps on your forehead.


I need answers!! Can someone please suggest a product or products for me to use. Can someone please tell me what these small colourless bumps are and what I can do! 

M Y  S K I N 
- Oily T zone 
- Dry chin (Sometimes) 
- Dry under eyes (Rarely)
- Dry forehead (Sometimes) 


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Hey girl! I’m 18 and I struggle with the same thing. Bumpy skin sucks. My biggest recommendation to you is trying a retinoid creme, preferably a prescription strength one. Also try to limit the amount of product you are using to one cleanser and a facial lotion Ms maybe a toner. Too much can irritate it. Next, I highly recommend double oil cleansing. Get a good gentle oil cleanser and wash your face twice with it every night! Apply it to your dry skin each time you wash! I do not recommend water based face washes!! And don’t use face washed that are medicated! For me it was helped my bumps focus down lot! Next thing I recommend is eating a better diet and drinking tons and and tone of waters! I know that you’ve probably heard these encore but they do actually help! 

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