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So I've been using Differin for the past two months now. I've heard that it can take about 3 months to really clear up and it could get worse before getting better. I used to have pretty mild acne, a few bumps here and there. It's been that way since high school and I am now about to graduate college. But now for the past 4 weeks I have broken out so severely using this. I use the daily deep cleanser, the moisturizer and then the gel at night. In the morning I use witch hazel and an aloe lotion because if I use the daily deep twice a day my skin gets irritated. Should I continue using this and see what happens in the next 4 weeks or stop?? 
the pictures are of what my skin currently looks like. Mind you before I started using this product my acne was extremely mild. No where near this. 20180927_003217.thumb.jpg.75f1ac578e0c64073a5bbf8256dad7d5.jpg20180927_003213.thumb.jpg.2261dc15eb2e818b306fc030b7cf8f5b.jpg

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I think your differin might not be working for you personally I know what it's like as I have had acne for 14 years.i tryed many topicals and tablets I'm currently on trimethroprim antibiotics and I really recommend them  I had alot of whiteheads and red pimples like u .tryed spriloactone, Azealic acid, tetralycline minocycline dianette The pill, erythromycin, clindamycin, salosylic acid,benzyol peroxide -Duac. I just think it might not be working even though it takes a while for tablets to reach the skin .u should see a slight improvement. I recommend trimethroprim antibiotics and a gel cleanser and just be mindful of what you eat - less processed foods and more healthy food and water, water, water. Also normal things like - changing pillowcases and towels hope this helps xxIMG_20180917_141931.thumb.jpg.1ab62a88df0aeba82bc469973ad5d8e6.jpg

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