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Activated Charcoal Mask Bad Reaction

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Hey everyone! This is my first post and I wanted to see if anyone has experienced anything like this, I can’t seem to find any information online. So the day before yesterday I applied a DIY activated charcoal mask that was made of activated charcoal, jojoba oil, and water. I left it on my face for about 10 mins and as soon as I felt it dry I washed it off. After the I washed the mask off the skin around my nose, chin, and between my te Ross was red, burning, and inflamed. It looked like there was charcoal powder still in my pores, so I washed my face and exfoliated, which burned in the areas where my pores were clogged. It’s been 2 days and my skin is still red and inflamed (no pain bough) and I have white heads in the areas that are red! 

I tried searching online for others that have had similar experiences but nothing came up. 

I did read about skin purging after facials but I’m not sure if this is what’s happening to me or if I should see a dermatologist.

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Without any knowledge don't try anything on your face because face skin is very sensitive and fragile.
do one thing use pieces if ice cubes and rub on face very lightly do not harsh for 5 minutes and then apply rose water with a cotton ball for few days do it twice.

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Sorry, that happened to you. It's often hard to predict what will happen when you are trying something new. It may work just fine for someone else and not for you. It seems counterintuitive, but if your skin is well hydrated or just cleansed, it could have absorbed more of the problem ingredient than expected. 

You can try a hydrocortisone cream or a product such as Aquaphor or Vaseline to soothe your skin. Be gentle with your skin until the redness goes away. 

Hope this helps.

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