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Hello everyone,
Over the past few years I learned to take care of my face by changing my diet and my cleansers toners and lotions. I dont really have acne anymore, or so it seemed.

Last month I got married and about 2 weeks before getting married i noticed that i had a ton of those tiny fleshtone bumps all over my jawline and cheeks, you could only see them in bad lighting or up close. I got a facial and it mostly cleared me up. 
Well now 2-4 weeks post wedding a keep getting cystic acne. It’s always along my lower cheeks and jaw line. T zone which is my oily zone is clear, for head, nose everywhere else is clear. I keep going to the dermatologist for cotosonw shots for cysts along my jawline. I cut off cheese and all dairy, I m going to cut off meat now too. Im trying to figure it out what the hell is causing it. The only thing I could think of is all that crazy wedding stress. The bumps are finally going away after a second facial but them cysts keep coming back.
 i have dry skin so I avoid sacylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, but I wonder if benzoyl peroxide could help minimize the cysts? I havent tried it. I wonder if I ll jst end up with flaky skin over my cysts without actually treating it. 

Any help with this area will be much appreciated!

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Did you always have acne? I have acne for forteen years solid. I'm currently on trimethroprim antibiotics. Acctuanne is a tablet that is the last resort it carries side effects such as birth defects to babies and you can't drink alcohol on it. Sometimes literally there is no 'Cause' for acne it's just to much Sebum and oil in the skin and the hair follicles in our face getting trapped with bateria due to the oil. I got told diet and stress don't cause it. Is it whiteheads? Or just red bumps? there's alot of information on this site.topical treatments are available I was on Azealic acid but it didn't work for me,there's clindamycin,Birth control -aka the Pill, spriloactone - u cud try and benzyol x

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