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Need advice on scar treatment please!

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Hi everyone I have been having acne for the past 10 years which resulted in these scaring and would like to seek advice on how to treat them/make them less obvious. My highest concern are the ice prick scars on my cheeks as they look really deep. Currently I'm still a student so should I start with some microneedling at home while saving up for future treatment? Any other recommendation for dermarollers as [the derminator.com] website does not load for me. I'm from Singapore, if anyone have any good recommendation please let me know, thanks!


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I would try 1.5 dermaroller. From eBay.. My scars are really similar to yours. I am using derminator myself and my plan was to see what improvement I will get after 1 year of using derminator every 4 weeks and then mixing in 20% tca peels every 4 sessions. I am about 10 months in and honestly, not even 1 scar has improved lol. There are some success stories with dermarollers though, so I would try it. Other than that, I would go for tca paint on method and erbium laser, the one Lim uses, as subcission doesnt seem effective at all to me from all the pics posted here. It is my next step too..

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@JustaDream Derminator is not sold to Asian countries, perhaps try a shipping service or have a friend buy you one and ship. 

As you are a student sure you can do dermastamping at home. 

Also paint on tca to the scars (acid is placed inside the scar with a small makeup brush), no drips. For instructions read the faq - top of the acne scar sub, and find the acid peel mega post. 
You will also need several sessions of tca cross for the smaller diameter icepicks. 

I beleive these are not much money if you get them treated by a Dr. So you get a feel for treatment.

Be aware your skin type is prone to hypepigment. Please use retin-a/tretinorin nightly with a konjac albutin cream to prevent this. 

Picosure laser is great for our skin type for collagen building, and hyperpigmentation. 

When you get some money you can have rf needling done or low density laser as well.
Your boxcars can be treated with angled laser to the border of the scar to soften the transition. Several sessions of cannular subcision.

At home treatments are typically microneedling and peels (alternating), monthly. 

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thanks for the replies.
@beautifulambition I will start with some microneedling(1.5mm) at home first while I look for tca cross treatment within my area. Roughly how far apart should I space my treatments if I’m starting with the above 2? Do I need chemicals peels as well?

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Do it right first time. Singapore has excellent dermatologist - and you have a tiered system of healthcare. ie. you pay for experience. Pay peanuts, or pay for marketing, get monkeys. Just goto the National Skin Centre, see the laser team and get it done right first time. Prof. CL Goh will give you advice, he is one of the smartest and most capable dermatologist Worldwide. If you want an upsell, go to Wheelock place or Paragon, if you want scientific treatments, NSC. Your scars are challenging, you have active lesions. Get these under control. Even the best guys in the World would realistically say this is hard. 6-10 sessions over 12-14 months should get you 70-80% there. (depending on subdermal fibrosis). Subcision, TCA CROSS, and low density laser with the first treatment in the CORRECT hands should give you a 25% improvement globally. Do not go to the 'chain stores' as you will see why in the upcoming months. Wish you well. 

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