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Is the paper that alternate TCA peel and microneedling fake?

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The paper by some Indian dermatologist posted by beautiful ambition on the FAQ has great improvement for those patients with acne scar. The pictures are amazing. Some of them improve from grade 3 to no scar. 

Did anyone know in reality if this could happen? 

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Never do something because you believe in "pictures" which can be easily photo shopped, camera-lighting angles ... or selected to be the top cases. I provide data for your research. Drs before and afters and white papers have a goal and it's not a accurate representation of "all" cases. That being said acid peels and microneedling are beneficial for light scars. Often patients think they will have glass smooth skin based off pictures and Drs promises for $$$$. You will have softened texture and collagen growth if you heal well. At home treatments are not as strong as in clinic procedures -technique. Keep this in mind. I think peels and microneedling are great DIY for light scarring and or textural issues at home. When you get into deep peels and more complicated acid procedures (Drs can be more beneficial ao avoid possible mistakes), light percentages are safe. Please Follow the acid peel mega guide link in the FAQ - top of the acne scar sub, first post. The biggest issue we see on the site is mistakes with people who "try things" with acid peels. 


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Agree with BA, many recent reviews of TCA and even single subcsion does not demonstrate Grade 4 B scars to Grade 3. In fact, many reviews in lets say, less recognised journals show and IMPROVEMENT of scars, but technically Grade 4 B at 6 meters to Grade 4 B at 3 meters. No doubt an improvement. Remember even - most studies will post their BEST photos, even with a cohort of 30 patients. 
Reality is that scar revision takes time, you can not get a cohort of 30 patients with EXACTLY the same mix of scars. Here in lies the complexity of controlled studies, the sheer mix of scar types, and individual healing rates can not be measured accurately. Dermal thickness varies from patient to patient. Don't believe what you read in all Journals. Always question the results. This is the way forward. 

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