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Peeling after subcision and laser

Hi, I had my second subcision, filler and picosure laser session (a combo) at a clinic 2 weeks ago (early Sep). I am going to have my third session 3 months later (in early Dec) and it's gonna be my last session too due to the high cost.

I am thinking to do a TCA peeling at home in between. May I know if this is okay? If yes, can I do it in Oct? Is there any other thing I can do to help my scar in between? Many thanks.

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@KeithV No I would not peel in between, consider peeling after your last procedure. You can microneedle in between treatments (dermastamp or Derminator the pits/scar) if it's done at a reasonable depth (not to deep). 

You could do a light peel like Salicylic or Glycolic. We have a guide in the FAQ - top post of the scar sub, goto peels, and the mega post. 

Are you using konjac and albutin cream nightly with retin-a/differin/tretinorin, this is necessary for hyperpigmentation issues. Stop one week before treatments. 

I like to space treatments 3 months apart. There is healing that takes place and collagen is built. Consider peels then. Just be aware in skin types that do picosure peels can make some discoloration so you may need more picosure treatments. Hence my recommendation of the above konjac.... 

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