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Fourth scar revision?

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I am at my wits end.

I have a red dented scar on the bridge of my nose. I had scar revision but because I am a poor healer the skin stretched apart and produced a red scar. I had an existing scar above the area and that is now also stretched and deepened, but not red. Here is what I have had done:

Scar revision (surgeon 1, June 2015)
Scar revision (surgeon 2, Jan 2017)
Scar revision (surgeon 2, Dec 2017)
Fat transfer / grafting (surgeon 2, Jun 2018)

Fat grafting didn't work as the fat was absorbed after about a week and the dent was still there.

I'm thinking of having a 4th scar revision, but this time cutting both scars together from top to bottom. I have started taking liquid iron as I was anemic. The surgeon doesn't recommend skin grafting as the new skin won't blend in with the surrounding tissue. I don't think subcision will work and any filler will probably get absorbed like my fat transfer.

I am at my wits end.

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This is what happens when they do scar revision, ... anytime we cut it makes more scars or possibly more issues. We have to mitigate the side effects. I rarley and especially o nthe nose see a good scar revision. I have seen great work with tca cross, dermastamping, co2 laser and erbium resurfacing. This is a incredibly hard area to treat. IT's not skin but cartilage.  

Fat grafting I am not impressed with recently, ...it's just so lumpy nano, micro, or whatever and yes many people absorb it. Filler is longer lasting, but goto a expert injector. Fat and filler are two separate things, maybe look into someone who does Rhinoplasty for implant or other ideas with longer lasting solutions.

Your nose is your mid-line, ... lots can go wrong here with surgery. 

Please goto a few other scar specialists and plastic surgeons for their consultation prior to doing surgery again. 

You can try to PM me the pics and I will post here.


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