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Hello I've been suffering for acne for over 6 years and I'm 19 now. I've seen a dermatologist and got on minocycline, erythromycin but nothing worked. I've tried the regimen 3 orders in total and nothing. I've tried Aztec clay mask and nothing. I'm currently on vitamin b5, cod liver and zinc for 1 month now and seen no results. Ive also tried no dairy for 7 months no results. Any advice. I'm a male 19 year old. Please help 

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I wouldnt take vit b as they can be a cause in acne. If none of those products worked then your best bet would be Accutane imo. It seems that topicals have no effect. Did you try cutting all sugar, junk food, and be gluten free.

Just curious how long have you been on the regimen/topicals?

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Unfortunately I don't think the vitamins will do anything to treat your acne.  If you haven't tried Unblemish, I highly recommend it. While I was waiting for a dermatologist appointment last year, I tried it in the mean time and it cleared my cystic acne. It's not a miracle product - it did take 4-5 months to get really clear skin, but it was worth it.

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