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Have had acne since I was 18, and it turns out the final cure for it was doing... nothing?

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I turned 24 recently and have had acne since I was 18. At some points it was pretty severe, but mostly just standard pimples that would pop up on my cheeks and forehead and redness from acne marks.

I have tried all manner of treatments since I was 18. I remember I tried proactive when I was like 19 for a few months. I have used salicylic acid face washes, benzoyl peroxide and someLUSH products on and off. Mostly over the years I’d say I did a combination of just washing my face and using benzoyl peroxide. I’d wash it in the shower and pretty lightly rinse it a few times per day and then put on benzoyl peroxide at night. I have also tried to cut various things out of my diet (e.g. dairy, candy, basically anything unhealthy). None of this did anything by the way (and probably caused the acne to begin with).

A few weeks ago I turned 24 and was like why do I still have acne. I’m 24. What’s the difference between me and everyone else that doesn’t have acne? They don’t put shit all over their face or wash their face all the time. The past few weeks I have done nothing to my face other than rinse it when I’m in the shower. I have no active pimples right now, which I don’t think has happened at any point in the last five years other than short periods of time I have been on antibiotics. My skin isn’t completely clear because it still has red marks from past acne but hopefully those will fade and this will be it.

Just wanted to share my experience. Not saying this would work for everyone, but after 5 years of dealing with acne, it turned out that the solution was doing nothing.

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Doing nothing wouldn't work for everyone as acne growth can vary. It can be just to much sebum oil in the skin. Diet alone and hormonal tablets alone don't always fix this problem for some people P.acnes bacteria live on your skin no matter what u do. I go to bed and wake up with new pimples everyday. lol.

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Washing your face too much can cause the skin to become oilier, so that may have been a factor. And it is annoyingly trial and error for everyone. I might add a moisturizer at night to your routine, and maybe a once a week exfoliation if your skin reacts well to that. 

Many times I only use cleanser at night and just rinse my face with water in the mornings, this seems to work well.

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