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Can anyone help with my scars please?

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I have been reading posts here for quite a while and am really impressed by everyone's experiences and knowledge in scar revision.  Do you mind taking a look at my scars please?  I have suffered from acne for the past 10 years and due to bad habits like picking, my face has scarred quite a bit.

I have attached some pics of my face at tangential lighting.

I think I suffer from the following:

  • PIE - overall my face looks a red/pink, especially on the T- zone
  • icepick scars
  • rolling scars mainly one the cheeks
  • major fat loss on both sides of my jaw

For the fat loss I am sure I should get subcision as this procedure may lead to scarring itself (from other people's reviews).

Many thanks for your help!

acne1.thumb.jpg.c82c868de0b0a4192160048bc2b81017.jpgacne2.thumb.jpg.296afe7f46af21eee9847f75df056237.jpgacne3.thumb.jpg.e0f9b3da0057995ee5e190dbdad15b19.jpgHi everyone

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Hi there,

You mainly have slight textural scars. PIE yes, ... icepicks, rolling scars, and a few box cars.

3 treatments of subcision, I cannot tell from your pics if you have deep pits. I ... don't know that I would use filler as the pits do not seem that deep, perhaps get some HA if you feel you need it or prp.

TCA Cross is needed here on the icepicks and or paint on or spot peel to the puts with acid (you put acid in the pit only). Several sessions.

RF microneedling 3 months apart. 3-4 treatments, OR 3-7% density co2 with the highest power.

Picosure laser is great for your skin type and for PIE. This also stimulates collagen.

You can end with a peel or erbium resurfacing for texture.

Treat as you have time and money, allow time to heal between treatments.

Everything is optional.

Because of your skin type use retin-a/tretinorin/differin nightly, and a konjac albutin cream to prevent hypierpigmentation. Stop one week before treatments. 


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